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America’s Most Favorite Foods

    America’s Most Favorite Foods

    1. Chips and queso

    Forty kilograms. According to a Statista report from 2020, this is how much cheese the average individual consumes annually. So it comes as no surprise that cheesy queso sauce is one of our favorites. The homemade version of queso frequently includes Velveeta, but authentic queso can contain such a wide variety of ingredients that an entire book was devoted to its variations. It begins with melted cheese cubes, green jalapeño peppers, milk, and diced tomatoes. It is also delectable.

    2. Traditional Chicken Wings

    The National Chicken Council estimates that on Super Bowl Sunday in 2021, Americans consumed 1.42 billion chicken wings. To give you a sense of how many wings that represents: If laid end to end, they would circumnavigate the Earth three times. The good news is that you need not wait until Super Bowl Sunday to indulge. Try one of these incredible chicken wing recipes.

    3. Doughnuts

    The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day, but we believe this fried delicacy deserves to be celebrated all year long. And judging by its ranking at number 31, so do many other Americans. In the United States, there are more than 8,500 Dunkin’ locations, and while the brand is instantaneously recognizable, it wasn’t always known by that name. Bill Rosenberg opened his first restaurant in 1948 and christened it Open Kettle. In 1950, he altered the name to Dunkin’ Donuts, and in 2018, the company dropped “Donuts” to become simply Dunkin’.

    America’s Most Favorite Foods

    4. White rice

    In the United States, individuals consume an average of 26 pounds of rice per year, which may seem excessive compared to the 221 pounds per person consumed annually in China. Hawaii ranks highest in rice consumption, consuming an average of 100 pounds per year.

    5. Tacos

    This Mexican classic has been thoroughly Americanized, as evidenced by Taco Bell. Even though it may not be identical to the tacos you’ll find south of the border (for example, you won’t find hard taco shells in Mexico), it’s still tasty enough to merit Taco Tuesday every week. Taco Tuesdays is literally a registered trademark! It was coined in the 1980s by Taco Johns, a Wyoming-based restaurant franchise, to promote its sale of two hard-shell tacos for $1.

    6. Chips and guacamole

    Americans will spread guacamole on almost anything. Guacamole, one of the most ubiquitous foods in America, has even visited the moon. In 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts carried some along with them. Buzz Aldrin ate all of the crew’s snacks prior to the spacecraft’s departure from Earth, so they did not consume them.

    7. Crab rangoon

    This Polynesian-inspired appetizer originated in the 1940s at the renowned tiki restaurant Trader Vic’s in Los Angeles. In addition to cream cheese, Trader Vic’s crab rangoon included crab meat and A.1. Steak Sauce, unlike the crab rangoon most of us order from American Chinese restaurants.

    8. Shrimp tempura roll

    There are only three ingredients in tempura batter: flour, cold water, and egg yolks. The Japanese inherited this recipe from Portuguese missionaries in the 1500s, who introduced them to lightly fried string beans (peixinhos da horta) and left their imprint on the country’s cuisine. Currently, tempura is commonly affiliated with Japanese cuisine. Anything cooked in tempura is delicious on its own, but when combined with avocado and cucumber and then enveloped in sushi rice? Yum.

    9. Apple pie

    There is a reason for the expression “It’s as American as apple pie”: Apple pie has been America’s favored dessert for centuries and remains one of the country’s most popular foods to this day. There are two essential components to a delicious apple pie: the flaky, buttery pastry and the apples themselves. Check out the most delicious confection in your state for additional sweetness.

    America’s Most Favorite Foods

    10. Cheese fries

    One reason why cheese potatoes are so popular in America? The diversity. There are the gravy-covered disco fries, a New Jersey staple. There is the traditional Canadian dish, Poutine, which consists of sauces and cheese curds. There are also beef, chili, and cheese chili cheese fries. Cheez Whiz, a processed cheese product, was introduced in the 1950s, ushering in the ubiquitous orange-colored cheese variant of today.

    11. Greek salad

    Given the abundance of tasty but unhealthy food available in the United States, it’s remarkable that salad made the list of the top 25 favored foods. But Greek salad (also known as horiatiki salad) is topped with feta cheese, which imparts an unrivaled richness. Although not authentically Greek, the salad acquired popularity in American Greek restaurants.

    12. Gyoza

    It is difficult to consume just one of these fried Japanese dumplings (often stuffed with pork and vegetables). It is particularly difficult to set a record in an eating contest. Joey Chestnut, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion, also holds the record for gyoza. At the 2014 Day-Lee World Gyoza Eating Championship, he consumed 384 in ten minutes. Even Chestnut has not been able to surpass this record; he only consumed 314 in 2020. Hungry yet? Try the state’s finest hot dog.

    13. Spicy Tuna Roll

    When Grubhub examined its sushi statistics in 2016, it discovered that Boston residents order fiery tuna rolls eight times more frequently than the rest of the United States. Interesting, yes? But Denver has the most to boast about when it comes to the crunchy spicy tuna roll, as its residents consume it 15 times more than the average American.

    14. Chicken Sandwich

    It is no mystery that there is a competition for the best chicken sandwich at fast food restaurants in America. There are enticing alternatives at Popeyes, KFC, McDonald’s, and other restaurants. But by 2020, the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich dominated the market with a 45 percent share.

    America’s Most Favorite Foods

    15. Boneless Chicken Wings

    In 2022, boneless chicken wings will be more ubiquitous than their traditional counterpart. They offer the same flavor with less waste and more meat, which makes sense. So what exactly are armless wings? Essentially, they are breaded and fried breast flesh without bones. Because there is no skin, they require breading to achieve the natural golden hue of the fried chicken wing skin. Need a chilled beverage to go with those wings? Explore the finest craft beers in each state.

    16. Onion Rings

    People typically have very specific preferences when it comes to onion rings, from the type of onion used to the ratio of onion to batter. Burger King is known for its extra-crispy onion rings with minimal onion, whereas traditional onion rings contain a substantial amount of onion. Regardless of your preferred batter (tempura, flour, egg, or beer batter, for example), the best method to ensure that it adheres to the onion is to keep it cold until frying.

    17. Caesar Salad

    Raise your hand if you believed the Caesar salad was named after Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor. You are incorrect, but a reasonable guess. Chef Caesar Cardini invented the salad in the 1920s when he was overworked serving American tourists in Tijuana, Mexico (the site to go to during Prohibition). He put together the few ingredients he had on hand: romaine, croutons, oil, egg, Parmesan cheese, and anchovies. To be a genuine Caesar salad, anchovies must be present.

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