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What To Eat & Drink In San Francisco

    What To Eat & Drink In San Francisco

    Celery Victor

    The classic American salad known as Celery Victor is made by boiling celery hearts in stock, then chilling the celery and dressing it with a vinaigrette after it has been dressed. Bay leaves and peppercorns are added to the stock while the celery hearts simmer until they are just tender enough to eat.

    A mixture of olive oil, tarragon, parsley, and tarragon white wine vinegar is used to season the hearts once they have been refrigerated. They are then served on a bed of lettuce on a plate and topped with tomato slices and slivered hard-boiled eggs.

    At the turn of the twentieth century, chef Victor Hirtzler at the St.

    Herbs de Humboldt

    Produced by Cypress Grove Chevre in Arcata, California, Herbs de Humboldt is an American cheese. The cheese is produced with pasteurized goat’s milk and a combination of spices called herbes de Provence. This rindless cheese is spreadable because of its smooth, creamy, crumbly feel.

    Earthy, flowery, and herbaceous flavors complement the fresh and herbal scents. Pizzas are perfect for Herbs de Humboldt. Wine experts recommend Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.


    Seascape The cheese is produced with a combination of pasteurized goat’s milk and cow’s milk. It is usually aged for four months before being consumed.

    This cheddar-style cheese has a crumbly, smooth interior beneath its natural rind. Flavors are tangy with undertones of butter and caramel and finish with a sharpness reminiscent of cheddar. Seascape is best served with a complimentary glass of Zinfandel.

    Highway 1

    Valley Ford Cheese Company makes a delicious American cheese known as Highway 1 in Valley Ford, California. Fontina-style cheese crafted with unpasteurized cow’s milk. The minimum recommended aging time is 80 days

    A firm and creamy texture can be found beneath the natural rind. The aromas and tastes are very recognizable as both fruity and nutty. Highway 1 is great in sandwiches or as a standalone snack.

    What To Eat & Drink In San Francisco


    Andante Dairy in California makes an American cheese called Impromptu. The cheese is produced from 6-month-old to 2-year-old pasteurized cow’s or goat’s milk. The texture is strong and robust behind the natural rind.

    The scents are intense, and the flavors are creamy and nutty with a butterscotch undertone. White Burgundy or a fruity red wine are excellent complements to Impromptu. Soyoung Scanlan, a Korean-born pianist and the respected artisan cheese maker and owner of Andante Dairy, came up with the musically-inspired name Impromptu for this seasonal cheese, which is only produced in the spring and winter.


    The Achadinha Cheese Company in Petaluma, California is responsible for producing the American cheese known as bronchi. The cheese, which gets its flavor from a blend of pasteurized cow’s and goat’s milk and is aged 2 to 4 months on cypress boards, is based on a traditional Portuguese family recipe.

    Blue undertones can be detected in Broncha because of the cheese’s infusion of brewer’s grains fed to the goats. Despite its moldy exterior, the interior is smooth and creamy. There is a gentle creaminess to the flavors. Broncha goes great with grilled cheese sandwiches or fig jam.

    Pink Pearl Apples

    From a seedling of Surprise, the American apple variety Pink Pearl was developed in Eureka, California. The apples were first commercialized in 1944, thanks to the efforts of plant breeder Albert Etter.

    The apples are moderate in size and have a pale green, creamy skin that easily bruises. The unusually pink flesh beneath it has a crisp, fine-grained texture. The flavors are complex, ranging from sweet to sour, and they change with the weather and the seasons.

    What To Eat & Drink In San Francisco

    Mélange Brie

    Produced by Marin French Cheese Co. in Petaluma, California, Mélange Brie is an American take on the classic brie cheese. The cheese is produced using a combination of pasteurized cow and goat milk and aged for 10-14 days before being served.

    It has a soft, smooth, and creamy interior beneath its bloomy rind. Flavors start out gentle, buttery, sweet, and creamy then develop notes of sharpness and piquancy as the cheese ages, giving off fragrances of goat, mushrooms, and the earth. Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc are excellent complements to


    Produced by Andante Dairy in California, Largo Largo is an American triple-cream cheese. Jersey cow’s milk that has been pasteurized and combined with crème fraîche creates this cheese. The texture is velvety and creamy beneath the bright rind.

    Rich, nutty, mushroomy, sweet, and with a lengthy finish, the scents are as enticing as the flavors. Largo tastes great with fruit preserves and a glass of sparkling wine. This cheese gets its name from the Italian word for “generous” or “wide,” which is also used as a musical term or tempo indicator for a sluggish tempo.

    American Chocolate Truffles

    The American chocolate truffle is a spin on the traditional French chocolate truffle that some say originated in the 1980s and is credited to a San Francisco chocolatier named Joseph Schmidt. Traditionally, the American truffle is a mixture of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and sometimes butterfat or solid coconut oil, molded into the shape of a half egg.

    American-style chocolate truffles are distinguished by their smooth, melted chocolate exterior, which was traditionally made with only genuine Belgian chocolate, in addition to their unusual shape and significantly bigger size compared to other truffle variations.

    Loma Alta

    Nicasio Valley Cheese Company of California is responsible for making Loma Alta, an American camembert-style cheese. Cow’s milk is pasteurized, and then the cheese is aged for 3–6 weeks before it is ready to eat. It has a firm, semi-soft, and buttery inside behind its bloomy rind.

    Browned butter and roasted nut notes come through in the flavorful smells. For the whole Loma Alta experience, try it with some Champagne and raspberry jam. Loma Alta cheese took first place at the California State Fair.


    During the 1990s, Marin French Cheese Company in Petaluma, California has been making Schloss Schloss, an American triple-cream cheese. The milk and cream used to make the cheese have been pasteurized. Typically, Schloss is aged for five months before being consumed and is then stored in wooden cups.

    It has a semi-soft, smooth, creamy, and chalky texture under its washed rind. Flavors are complex, ranging from intensely meaty to robust and earthy, with hints of fruit and brandy, and aromas are intense and pungent. Pair Schloss with a bold red wine from California or an aromatic white wine.

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